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Deck Staining and Sealing

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Thinking about getting your deck stained and sealed? We recommend getting your deck sealed every few years for longevity. Here are some reasons why staining and sealing your deck is very beneficial.

Wood Preservation

Sealing your deck prevents the wood from rotting and getting infested by insects such as termites or carpenter ants. By nature, decks are susceptible to the elements since they are outdoors. Unfortunately this makes them very prone to rotting.


Deck staining and sealing adds protection from the sun and moisture. If moisture gets trapped in the wood and then freezes, the wood might break and crack, which makes it unstable and unsafe.


Staining and sealing makes a better walking surface, so no splinters get in your feet. Since your deck will see a good deal of foot traffic, it helps keep the surface smoother for longer.


Leaving wood in the elements without any coating is not recommended due to safety and longevity, but also appearance. Between paint and stain, which is simpler to apply and maintain? There is no doubt that stain is easier to apply and to maintain. Staining and sealing also lasts a lot longer than paint and doesn’t chip off.

Steps to Sealing and Staining:

The steps to staining and sealing a deck are simple. We always make sure the deck is clean and dry for 24 hours before staining it. We do our very best to apply the stain evenly and give the rails the most time and attention to detail. Some stains require multiple coats to provide the most even finish. Each coat needs about 2-3 hours to dry fully. With Custom Built Deck and Fence your deck will be professionally stained and sealed. After staining the deck we seal it for the best protection for both the wood and stain

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