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Surround your home with style by creating a custom fence. There are several different styles to choose from to create a one of a kind fence for your home. Some of the most popular styles of fencing include wood picket fencing, vinyl picket fencing, and ornamental fencing.

Wood pickets are often stained white, but people sometimes enjoy the ability to utilize color in their front or backyard fence. For a more simple fence, weathered wood pickets are the best option. Vinyl fencing offers a durable and low maintenance alternative to wood. Vinyl pickets can be found in white, green, brown and beige, however, white is the most common color. Whether you’re looking for a fence to surround your whole house, or a fence just to protect your vegetable garden, call Custom Built Deck and Fence now for an estimate on a custom fence.

Fence Design

When designing a fence, it comes down to the customers' needs. Are they looking for privacy, appearance, security or pet containment? We then go over options like height, number of gates and the ideal material for their specific needs, Materials could be wood, vinyl, chain-link or aluminum.

Why would you want a fence in your yard?

Whether you want to install a fence around a pool, deck, or just to keep a perimeter around your yard, Custom Built Deck and Fence can do help. A fence around a pool gives your pool protection to young children or animals falling into the water. Did you know that due to this safety concern, it is illegal in New York to build an in-ground pool without a barrier or fence? A pool fence also helps section off your yard from the rest of the yard. As for fence around a deck, safety is the main concern. Especially if your deck is built high off the ground, it is essential to build a fence around it to prevent people or animals from falling off. Lastly a fence serving as a perimeter around a yard provides privacy and protection from neighbors or unwanted wild animals. A taller fence also serves as a great barrier to strong winds.

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