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Chainlink Fence

Affordable, Durable Fencing

Chain link fences is a very common type of fencing and often used on sports fields, manufacturing facilities, and homes in the Rochester NY. Many people see chain link fences as an affordable option because homeowners are able to install the fence themselves. Although, for those who aren’t as handy, having a professional from Custom Built Decks and Fences install it for them can ensure a tight, lasting installation that will perform well for years. All chain link fences are galvanized, which means the metal wire fence material was put through a chemical process to prevent rusting. The life of the fence is extended and the amount of maintenance that is needed is limited. Chain link fences are a good option for those with kids or pets because it keep them safe in your yard but allows visibility outside the yard.

Perimeter Fencing, Not Security or Privacy

Manufacturing facilities opt to build tall fences and occasionally add barbed wire for additional security, however that is not what is typically seen in residential communities. Homeowners usually build a chain link fence that is only about four-feet tall, which can be climbed over and cause security concerns. Chain link fences are not the most aesthetically pleasing form of fence. They are often seen as generic and are better suited for people simply needing a solution to keep their backyard closed in. Even though there are times where the visibility of a chain linked fence is appreciated, not having privacy is something to keep in mind.

To start creating your custom chain link fences, contact Custom Built Decks and Fences located in Rochester NY.

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