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Fence Power Washing

Fence Power Washing

Being exposed to the elements all day, everyday can really take a toll on your home’s fence, especially with the intense weather we get in Rochester NY. If your fence is not too dirty, pressure washing will be sufficient for cleaning surface dirt off your fence. If your fence is moldy or has ground-in dirt, the more effective method of cleaning will be power washing. Depending on what type of fence you own, that will determine how we power wash your fence. Safety is our highest concern, next to a job well done.

  • Safety first - We always wear protective eye wear!
  • Wider tips on power washers mean low pressure. For wooden fences, we don’t go any lower than 25 degrees.
  • It’s safe to use a higher pressure on vinyl fences, but rarely needed.
  • We always watch out for neighbors and remember the water coming is coming out hot and at a high pressure.

For wood fences, we start from one end of your fence and work in sections. Our expert power washing avoids streaks. After pressure washing, you will need to wait at least 48 hours before applying paint or sealant to your fence.

For more information on how to power wash your fences, contact Custom Built Decks and Fences located in Rochester NY.
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