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Affordable and Durable

One of the main characteristics that make wood fencing the best choice is how affordable they are in most cases. Wood is more expensive than vinyl fences, but more affordable compared to wrought iron. Despite being on the cheaper side, wood fences are actually quite durable. If you choose the best type of wood and consistently maintain your fence, it should last around 20 years. Wood fences do require constant maintenance to keep it in quality shape. If your fence is painted, you will need to sand, prime and repaint your fence regularly.

Versatile Function and Design

Wood fences are versatile, meaning they can help to create any look for you home ranging from rustic to elegant.  With the proper preparation and shaping by Custom Built Decks and Fences in Rochester NY, wood fence installations can be very simple. If you plan to customize your fence with lights or decorations, this is easiest to do with a wood fence. All that is needed to add to your decorations is a drill and some screws. A significant drawback of choosing a wood fence is the potential to rot, especially in moist environments. You can slow the process by regular staining and choosing the right wood.

To start creating your custom wood fences, contact Custom Built Decks and Fences located in Rochester NY.

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